Dosing Pump Spares

Dosing Pump Spares

As a regular dosing pump user, you will understand that sometimes certain parts of your dosing pump may need replacing due to wear and tear.

As the UK’s official distributor for Mixtron dosing pumps we have a wide range of spares that can be shipped out to you quickly, to ensure you are back up and running with your dosing pump within a few days. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our dosing pump spares service, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

What Dosing Pump Spares are Included?

We offer a wide range of dosing pump spares for Mixtron dosing pumps. Our standard spares include: air bleed valves, fixing plates and dosing ratio lock buttons. 

We can also supply optional spares for your dosing unit, which include; on/off valves and by-pass systems.

All our dosing pump spares are Mixtron spare parts, so you can be assured you will receive the same high quality you have come to expect from a Mixtron dosing pump. 

Why Choose PROCARE Fluid Management For Your Dosing Pump Spares?

By choosing PROCARE Fluid Management for your dosing pump spares, you’ll receive the same level of exceptional service you experienced when purchasing your Mixtron from us. 

Our technical team have been trained by Mixtron and are able to help identify the  dosing pump spare you require. We can also ship out to you quickly, meaning your dosing pump will be back up and running as soon as possible.

Dosing Pump Spares at PROCARE Fluid Management:

If you need replacement parts for your Mixtron dosing pump then we can help. Simply get in touch with our technical team and we’ll help identify the part you need.


What is a Dosing Pump Used For?

A dosing pump is used to prepare and dose liquid substances accurately and ensure  correct and constant dosing percentages in any conditions of use and installation.

Why Do You Need a Dosing Pump?

You would need a dosing pump if you  wanted to accurately dose a liquid substance with water. Mixtron dosing pumps are also perfect for any environment as they require no electric to power them. Each dosing pump is powered by water, making them the perfect solution for dosing substances in remote areas, or where there is no electric.

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Our Range of Standard Spares include:

Air Bleed Valve

Used to release air from the unit

Fixing Plate:

The fixing plate attaches your Mixtron unit to the wall securely and safely.

Dosing Ratio Lock Button:

The dosing ratio lock button stops the dosing ratio from being altered accidentally.

Our Range of Optional Spares include:


On/Off Valve:

The Mixtron dosing pump can be supplied with ON-OFF valve on the cover. In the ON position, the additive is drawn & mixed in the Mixtron dosing pump. In the OFF position, the Mixtron dosing pump’s motor piston is at rest; there is no drawing or mixing of the additive, only the main liquid flows in & out.


The Bypass System is an external mixing chamber which makes it possible to use aggressive liquids without causing damage to the motor piston’s plastic parts.

If you’d like to learn more about our range of spares available for your Mixtron unit, then please call us on 0114 553 5596 and our friendly team will be able to help.


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