Dosing Pump Repairs

On the rare occasion that your dosing pump has developed a fault, you can be reassured that our team of engineers are able to troubleshoot, diagnose and if needed, repair your dosing pump within 48 hours*. Enabling you to get back up and running again as soon as possible, minimising the disruption this may have on your application.

* 48 hour repair service is depending on parts being available and applies to units being received Monday to Friday.

If you are interested in learning more about our dosing pump repair service, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

How Does Our Dosing Pump Repairs Service Work?

Our dosing pump repair service covers all Mixtron dosing pumps purchased from us under our 12 month warranty. If you are experiencing problems with your dosing pump then we’ve made it easy to get you back up and running with our 48 hour* repair service. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1:

The first step of this process involves you giving us a call on 0114 553 5596 so we can troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. The issue may be something we can guide you to fix over the phone or through one of our informative videos. 

Step 2:

If we cannot help you resolve the issue over the phone, we will then request for you to send your dosing pump to us packaged securely. Please use the following address:

PROCARE Fluid Management Ltd, 32 Atlas Way, Sheffield, S4 7QQ

Step 3:

Once we have received your unit, we will assess the parts required to resolve the problem. We will always inform you of any costs before any dosing pump repairs commence.

Step 4:

Upon approval, we will go ahead with the dosing pump repairs and dispatch back to you within 48 hours typically. 

Step 5:

We will then invoice you for the service and any parts purchased for the repairs. 

Why Choose PROCARE Fluid Management For Your Dosing Pump Repairs?

At PROCARE Fluid Management we are committed to providing you with technical service and expertise as and when you need it. Our team of engineers are able to guide you through set up, use and help resolve any application issues you may come across. Our fast dosing pump repair service also reassures you that should you need a repair, we will complete this as quickly as possible, so you can get back up and running. 

Dosing Pump Repairs at PROCARE Fluid Management

PROCARE Fluid Management are here to help if your dosing pump develops a fault. On the rare occasion this happens, all Mixtron water powered dosing units are covered by our unconditional 12 month warranty for wear and tear on consumable parts.

If you’re experiencing problems with your dosing pump please get in touch with our technical team.


How Do You Clean a Dosing Pump?

It is important that you periodically clean your dosing pump to ensure optimum performance. To clean the dosing pump run a cleaning cycle then remove the pump body and wash it thoroughly under running water. When clean, before you reassemble onto the motor body, ensure you lubricate the seal with silicone. 

If the dosing pump has been inactive for some time, we advise removing the motor piston (see page 15-18 of the maintenance manual) soak the piston in warm water for a few hours, this will remove any dry deposits from the piston. Once reassembled, starting the dosing pump should be more fluid and prevent any damage to the pump.

How Does a Dosing Pump Work?

A dosing pump works by mixing water from the mains supply with the water soluble chemical, the solution is mixed to the correct dilution, regardless of variations in water pressure or flow rate. Dilution is easy to adjust on the dosing pump and offers accurate and consistent mixing every time. 

Mixtron dosing pumps are powered by water pressure, so no electrical power supply is needed, making these dosing pumps a practical and flexible solution.

How Do You Maintain a Dosing Pump?

In order to ensure the dosing pump continues to work effectively you must maintain the dosing pump periodically. As well as running a regular cleaning cycle, it is important to clean the motor piston when the dosing pump has not been in use for a period of time. This will remove any build up of water residue and will make the restart of the dosing pump successful. Failure to maintain the unit with regular cleaning could result in parts needing to be replaced more frequently.

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