Dosing Pump Service

Dosing Pump Service 

When using your dosing pump regularly, you will need to regularly maintain the unit. By keeping your Mixtron dosing pump maintained you are ensuring it will continue working at its best. We offer a dosing pump service to all our customers. When we receive your doing pump, we will complete a full service and dispatch back to you within 48 hours*.

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* 48 hour service is depending on parts being available and applies to units being received Monday to Friday.

What is Included in the Dosing Pump Service?

Our dosing pump service includes a full inspection of the dosing pump to identify any parts which are showing signs of wear and tear. If your unit is within our 12-month unconditional warranty, we will replace any worn consumable parts. The unit will be fully cleaned and tested, prior to being returned to you. 

Why Choose PROCARE Fluid Management For Your Dosing Pump Service? 

By choosing PROCARE Fluid Management to service your Mixtron dosing pump, you can be confident that your dosing pump will be returned to you ready to put back into use. Our servicing and repair team are trained by Mixtron, and strive to offer a high level of customer service. They are also on hand with technical advice as and when you need it. 

Dosing Pump Servicing at PROCARE Fluid Management 

If your Mixtron dosing pump hasn’t been serviced for sometime and is still covered under our 12-month unconditional warranty, then post your unit to us and we can provide a full service on your unit. Replacing any consumable parts that may be showing signs of wear and tear. 


What is Cleaned and Maintained on the Doser?

When you send your Mixtron doser to us to be serviced, our technical team will fully clean the unit to ensure all elements are free from dry deposits, and residue which could affect the doser when in use.

The motor piston will be fully cleaned and seals lubricated when put back together to ensure successful start up of the doser when next in use. 

What Does it Mean to Calibrate a Pump?

To calibrate a Mixtron dosing pump, means to adjust, or check the setting of the dilution control on the dosing pump, to ensure water soluble chemicals are being diluted accurately according to the application. 

Why are Dosing Pumps Important?

Dosing pumps are an important piece of equipment as they can accurately dose water soluble chemicals, but also make adjusting dilution rates simple. Mixtron dosing pumps ensure maximum dosing precision in any condition of use and installation.


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