What are the Benefits of Dosing Pumps?



What are the Benefits of Dosing Pumps?

If your application requires accurate and consistent dosing of a soluble fluid with water, then a Mixtron dosing pump makes the ideal solution. Regardless of your industry or application needs, a dosing pump offers many benefits and removes the need for manual mixing of solutions. In this blog, PROCARE Fluid Management will go into detail about the benefits of each different type of dosing pump. 

So, what are the benefits of dosing pumps? The main benefit of a dosing pump is the ability to accurately and consistently dose a wide range of soluble liquids with water, even when there is a change to flow rate or water pressure. 

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of dosing pumps as well as how dosing pumps work.

What are the Key Benefits of Dosing Pumps?

One of the key benefits of using a dosing pump is that you can accurately control the dosing ratio of your soluble fluid. This means that you can be assured the mixed solution is consistently dosed and ready for immediate use. Below we have gone through the benefits of each type of dosing pump for your convenience. 

Benefits of Livestock Medicator Dosing Pumps: 

Our livestock medicator dosing pumps offer a reliable solution to treating large numbers of livestock. Some of the main advantages of our livestock dosing pumps include:

  • Accurately dose a range of vaccines and antibiotics
  • Accurate dosing to support animal growth and development
  • Safety alert if working temperature reaches a set level

To find out more about our livestock medicator dosing pump including why it is unlike any other on the market, click here.

Benefits Chemical Dosing Pumps:

Our range of chemical dosing pumps can cope with delicate application demands, guaranteeing precise dosage every time. Other benefits of our chemical dosing pump include:

  • Maximum resistance to chemical agents
  • Complete control over dilution of chemicals
  • Can be used in remote or controlled areas

If you are interested in learning more about our chemical dosing pumps, such as why you can trust the products accuracy, then click here.

Benefits of Fertiliser Dosing Pumps: 

The fertiliser dosing pump is the perfect solution for irrigating large plots of land. Other benefits of our fertiliser dosing pumps involve:

  • Can be installed on self-propelled vehicles
  • Save time and money when fertilising or irrigating large areas of land
  • Even in critical environments, dosing precision is guaranteed. 

To learn more about the specifications, features and benefits of our fertiliser dosing pump, be sure to click here. 

Benefits of Car Wash Dosing Pumps: 

A Car Wash Dosing Pump can guarantee liquid quality in the end product. Other advantages include:

  • Anti-foaming, until end solution is required
  • Easy to install in a series or parallel 
  • Suitable for mixing soaps, detergents & waxes.

For more information on why you need a Car Wash Dosing Pump, as well as its specifications, click here. 

Benefits of Metalworking Dosing Pumps: 

Metalworking dosing pumps prepare water soluble coolant with great accuracy. Other benefits of these dosing pumps include. 

Prepare water soluble coolant accurately with a metalworking dosing pump.

  • Optimises tool life & improves machining quality
  • Consistent accurate mixing of soluble metalworking fluids
  •  Suitable for mixing emulsifiable oils and lubricants

Benefits of Water Treatment Dosing Pumps:

Easy adjustable dilution rates makes our water treatment dosing pump the perfect solution for water treatment processes. Other advantages of these dosing pumps include:

  • Produce accurate solutions for water purification & disinfection
  • Easy to adjust dilution rates
  • Powered by water, so no motor required

How to Choose Your Dosing Pump? 

Our team of experts can help you identify the correct dosing pump for your application. When choosing your dosing pump, things to consider are; the environment the doser will be used in, what application requirements you have, including the solutions you will be mixing and the dosing ratio required. 

How Does a Dosing Pump Work?

A dosing pump is powered by the flow from the main water supply. Water is drawn into the unit and powers a piston in the unit chamber, which pulls the soluble solution up into the dosing pump, making a ‘click clack’ sound. The solution is then mixed to the correct dosing ratio within the chamber, before being pumped out of the unit to the application, ready for use. 

Dosing Pumps at PROCARE Fluid Management:

If you would like more information about our range of dosing pumps, or would like to discuss your application with our technical team, then please get in touch today on 0114 553 5596 or email [email protected]


“We required a reliable, quality doser range for agriculture that could handle very aggressive chemicals, whilst being super accurate & easy to use.  The Mixtron range has filled this position exceedingly well for our clients, with many repeat orders.  The product training & back-up has been excellent from PROCARE Fluid Management, which means we have a trouble-free product from point of sale through to usage & aftercare” Simon Rawson, General Manager at Roxby Farm Supplies

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