How to Use a Dosing Pump?

Using a Mixtron dosing pump is very simple once you have the correct information. It is made even easier if your dosing pump has been installed properly the first time round. However, we appreciate that not everyone is an expert on this topic, therefore in this blog we have shared our knowledge on using dosing pumps so that you have a helpful guide to refer back to.

So, how do you use a dosing pump? To use a dosing pump you need to supply the unit with water through the inlet feed. The power from the water flow will automatically start the dosing pump. It will automatically draw up the solution to be mixed so it is ready to use.  

Keep reading to find out more about how to set up a dosing pump as well as how to control the flow rate of a dosing pump. 

How Do You Use a Dosing Pump?

Once you have followed our installation guide your Mixtron dosing pump is ready for use. To get started, simply follow the steps below:

Open the inlet valve slightly, which will be connected to the main liquid to be mixed. This is usually the water supply.

  • Push the bleed valve on the top of the motor cover of the dosing pump. Ensure you are wearing the correct PPE when you do this; goggles and gloves are advised. 
  • Continue to press the bleed valve button until it starts leaking solution and spitting air. At this point let go of the button. 
  • Open the inlet valve slowly. Continue to do this so it increases the flow of water, stop when the dosing pump starts automatically. 
  • Let the dosing pump operate until you see the product to be mixed drawn and reach the body of the dosing pump. You will see this happen through the clear suction tube.
  • The dosing pump will then start to make a ‘clicking’ noise, this is normal and is a sign that the dosing pump is running at capacity. 
  • To accelerate suction, set the dilution rate to the highest percentage. After this initial suction phase, bring back the dosing percentage to the correct value, as detailed on the product data sheet. 
  • At this point it is recommended that you conduct a dilution test with a refractometer to ensure that the product is at the recommended dilution. If it is not, then simply alter the dilution rate to the recommended rate, and re-test after calibrating your refractometer. 

It is important to remember that you should not go below or above the recommended dilution rate for your product or application. Doing so could impair proper operation of the dosing pump. 

Take a look at our helpful video for a visual example of how to use your dosing pump.

How Do You Start a Dosing Pump?

If you are struggling to start your dosing pump, you may require a more detailed explanation of the process. Here are the key steps to follow when attempting to start your dosing pump. 

  • To start a Mixtron dosing pump, first you need to open the inlet valve so that water can flow through the dosing pump. The water powers the dosing pump. 
  • Whilst wearing the correct PPE press and hold the bleed valve on the top of the dosing pump. This will dispel any air in the unit. 
  • Release the valve and continue to open the inlet valve, once the dosing pump is powered by the water source, the unit will start to draw up the solution to be mixed via the clear suction tube. Once you start to hear a ‘clicking’ noise the dosing pump is working and running at capacity.

How Do You Adjust the Dosing Rate of a Dosing Pump? 

If your application requirements have changed, or you have changed the solution which needs dosing, you may need to adjust the dosing rate on the dosing pump. The dosing rate of a dosing pump can be adjusted easily by following the below step by step process: 

  •  Completely close the inlet valve on the dosing pump.
  • Keep the safety button pressed down before you make the adjustment to the dosing rate.
  • Move the lower edge of the adjustment sleeve inline with the required percentage on the graduated scale. 
  • Then release the safety button, this will lock the adjustment sleeve into place.

Why not take a look at our helpful video below to make these steps even easier for yourself?

To start up your dosing pump after altering the dosing rate simply follow the steps on How to Use a Dosing Pump.

Dosing Pumps at PROCARE Fluid Management

At PROCARE Fluid Management we work with you to understand your application requirements. We can offer technical advice and support when you need it, helping you to choose the right dosing pump for your application. 

For more information on our dosing pumps and the service and support we offer call one of our helpful team today on 0114 553 5596 or contact us here.


“We required a reliable, quality doser range for agriculture that could handle very aggressive chemicals, whilst being super accurate & easy to use.  The Mixtron range has filled this position exceedingly well for our clients, with many repeat orders.  The product training & back-up has been excellent from PROCARE Fluid Management, which means we have a trouble-free product from point of sale through to usage & aftercare” Simon Rawson, General Manager at Roxby Farm Supplies

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