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PROCARE Fluid Management - Master Distributor for Mixtron Dosing Pumps

About Us

Procare Fluid Management is the UK and Ireland’s sole supplier of Mixtron dosing pumps. Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire our technical team and engineers hold a wealth of knowledge on dosing pumps for a variety of different industries. 

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Who Are We?

As a business, we offer dosing pumps designed for industries including Animal Health, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Fertilisation & irrigation, Metalworking, Wash Systems, and Water Treatment

We work with Mixtron as they have invested over 2 million Euros into the research and development of the new Mixtron dosing pump range. Therefore, we feel confident that we are supplying high quality products to our customers. 

Why Choose Procare Fluid Management?

Procare Fluid Management is the UK ‘s leading supplier of dosing pumps that you can trust. There are multiple reasons to rely on us. 

Knowledgeable Team

Our team of in-house engineers and technical experts are able to identify solutions for the industries we serve. 

48hr Repair Service 

We also offer a 48hr repair service for your dosing pump. Therefore, you can rely on us to repair your dosing pump back to working standard so you are back on track for normal business. 

Dosing Pump Spares 

You are also able to purchase spare Dosing Pump parts from us that are shipped out to you quickly. This means that you can replace the part and get your dosing pump working again for optimum efficiency. 

Dosing Pump Support at Procare Fluid Management

Browse through our range of dosing pumps today or get in touch with us if you have any technical questions. 

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